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  • Thanks @iaboyeji for being diplomatic about the matter. Your explanation is very gracious. I didn’t realise radar was a paystack circle jerk. The amount of hostility directed towards me for stating plain facts is staggering, but that’s alright, I probably deserve some of it for the choice of words I used in my initial statement (By which I still stand). This is an article from Techcabal that basically corroborates my stateme t - For one, all these companies (especially Paystack and Pay With Capture) have been operating for a while. Has Flutterwave been servicing these clients since? If so, who was running the firm before Iyin’s announcement? Delaware public records do not show the owners of the company, and Flutterwave hasn’t answered our question concerning this directly. But more importantly, how long before Flutterwave starts to offer startups the same services as Paystack? While both teams are coy about this, it seems illogical to assume that Flutterwave would continue to allow a middle man sit between them and the companies that ultimately use their services. Once the infrastructure is built, what stops them from allowing anyone stick a payment interface in their web or mobile app? Finally, how do comapnies like Paystack distinguish themselves from other payment providers when anyone can connect to Flutterwave’s API and launch their own payment service? Is there room for more than one payment processor in this market? I noticed that there is a lot of “tip toeing” around the issue, I wonder why that is. People don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings? Whenever there is a lot obfuscation, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Anyone with a discerning brain, or inside knowledge of the matter knows I am correct.
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  • Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
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