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  • Embedded HTML5 Microdata Statement 87
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  • Let me attempt to explain this Flutterwave/Paystack brouhaha: Access Bank has hooks for MiGS Acquiring Access Bank decided to package their MiGS hooks and dubbed it PayWithCapture PayWithCapture was a consumer facing payment app + an API for card payment acceptance Paystack integrated PayWithCapture, the card payment acceptance API for its processing Access Bank decided to re-organize/re-package PayWithCapture into two biz entities The card payment acceptance API became an independent entity (sort of) - Flutterwave. Led by Iyin. The consumer facing payment app retained the name PayWithCapture, but re-introduced to the market as a Digital Bank - PayWithCapure 5.0. Still promoted as an Access Bank product leveraging the new Flutterwave API. Paystack continued to use Flutterwave as one of its card processing paths, at least till August 2016.
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