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  • Hi @hybrid1999, sorry for the confusion. We are working on making things better. How about this: We can delete (Firefox Account) You can then use your Google identity to log on to services on Mozilla IAM. If you want to switch to your Firefox Accounts identity at any point in the future, you add that to your hybrid1999_2 profile (Menu > Settings > (scroll down to identity) > Add Identity) and can use it for login. Lastly, if you wish I can also change your Mozillians username from hybrid1999_2 to hybrid1999. Is this a desired state? Best regards, Henrik
  • I have signed up for firefox accounts twice, once using google and once using firefox. Can these two accounts be merged? The accounts are Both of these are my accounts one I have signed for using Gmail and the other with Firefox accounts. I can provide the nescessary proofs. But since my email is now linked to a firefox account, I cant use gmail to sign in to the first account. Can these two accounts be merged? EDIT : This is confusing for me… This post was made using hybrid1999 while i cant access that account in mozillians. I dont understand whats going on anymore
  • Duplicate of My account
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