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  • Hi there! I have been working my way through the JavaScript course over the last few weeks I started from the very beginning and have just about finished the first part. I have just finished the image gallery assessment that contains a css, js and html files and I want someone to take a look over my work and let me know how I’ve done. Can you tell me what I need to do please. Hi Steve, Nice work! You can find the finished image gallery example here (go through and see if your code matches up): GitHub mdn/learning-area learning-area - Github repo for the MDN Learning Area. The directory also contains the marking guide for this assessment, which tells you exactly what you need to do to score full marks: mdn/learning-area/blob/master/javascript/building-blocks/gallery/ # Marking guide for "Image gallery" The following guide outlines a marking guide for the MDN Learning Area JavaScript Topic — [Image gallery]( Each subtask detailed in the assessment is listed below, along with an explanation of how many marks the task is worth, and the mark breakdown. Note: These are guidelines, not set in stone rules — you are of course free to use your judgement on mark awarding when you meet an edge case, or something that isn't clear cut. The overall mark awarded is out of 27. Work out their final mark, and then divide by 27 and multiply by 100 to give a percentage mark. For reference, you can find a [finished program](main.js) that would be awarded top marks. ## Looping through the images <dl> <dt>Creating the loop</dt> <dd>Four marks for this — the actual solution is fairy simple, but there are a few details to get right (any suitable loop type can be used): <ol> <li>The initializer should start at 1, and the loop should iterate until a value of 5. This is useful, as the first image has the number 1 in its filename, then 2, 3, etc.</li> <li>The iterator should add 1 to the initializer after each iteration.</li> </ol> </dd> <dt>Building the image path for each loop iteration</dt> <dd>Three marks for this. The student basically just needs to replace the <code>xxx</code> placeholder with a string concatenation that will use the initializer to build the image path in each case. The pattern we need is this: <code>'images/pic' + i + '.jpg'</code>.</dd> </dl> This file has been truncated. show original Don’t hesitate to ask if you have more questions.
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