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  • iaboyeji: However, one has to wonder especially given this thread if this is a marketing attempt to start a fight that doesn’t really exist. If it is - it’s not a good strategy and it is destroying our ecosystem. Anyone worth their salt in this space knows we do different things so why the hostility? You don’t have to be dismissive, Iyin. Since your narrative for Flutterwave started mid year, we did our best to stay out of the way, regardless of how much it hurt us to watch people get the wrong impression of our relationship. I was very clear at the beginning of this thread that it was to address misconceptions raised by a user on a different thread, one in which I was not interested in derailing further. This was a message I sent to someone earlier when the reseller thing came up on the previous thread. I personally do not enjoy that I had to do this - I mentioned this to you the last time you were at my apartment, but it had to be done. I am sure you agree with me on this, and would do the same if Flutterwave was caught up in some false narrative. That said, thank you for your input. We can all rest easy now.
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  • Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
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