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  • We were doing video conferencing 20 years ago over yahoo to a guy in Moscow working under a single bare bulb. Last week we had trouble doing one with a major brand. Change is happening so fast, its hard for it to change stuff… 🙂
  • Tom, You nailed it, again. I work with SME’s and with most, the pace of change is way slower than in larger organisations that have the resources to engage new capabilities as they become common. I am still regularly showing people how to use basic tools, like excel pivot tables, and they think it is magic, cannot believe it has been on their desks for a decade.
  • Loved this cartoon! So true, feels like when I am talking to some clients! I heard a lovely line on TV the other day. “I could fax to you, the trouble is I’m living in the 21st century!”
  • I cannot leave a comment because I am still crying for laughter… As soon as I stop I’ll think of something… then I’ll start laughing again…
  • Funny and you still hit the point.
  • Love this article. Forget presentations over Skype/ web meeting, many meetings still get started with “can someone get the computer to connect to the projector??”
  • John The muddled grey mass between the ears is the single hardest element to change in any technology uplift Technology implementation / integration can be achieved pro grammatically People can’t be programmed Changing organizations is like carrying custard in a string bag Stick your fingers in the holes, stuff squirts out everywhere Love your work, love the insights Peter
  • That file type is blocked by our corporate firewall policies. I’m going to need you to rename it as *.txt then I’ll switch it back.
  • So true! I’ve experience the same. 10 years ago! I joined this company and they had this huge database in csv and they wanted an organised view. Hired an excel specialist and the guy wrote like 100’s of formulas with mediocre results. I showed them pivot table and they were staring at me as if they saw a tsunami coming 😂.
  • Yes, it’s like that at our company too for “security purposes.” Whatever. LOL
  • How offen we see Technology department is driving the business . I am still living in a company IT department said we are not authorise your new software request because we do not see the business need ‘REALLY’ I replied
  • Anyone who has tried doing collaboration calls with China will know this problem well 🙂 – WeChat is the default answer. Zoom also seems to work well.
  • Still laughing. I have been at that meeting! In addition to not being able to share, no one could figure out how to project the presentation on the beautiful hi-def screen in the main boardroom of this company. Imagine 8 people crowded around a 13” laptop screen.
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