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  • About the Test Pilot category
  • Changing the Scroll bar colours
  • Dumping Test Pilot Over Privacy Concerns
  • "Reconnect to Sync" error when Firefox is set to Never Remember History
  • Url Bar Email sender
  • viewing notes on the computer
  • Where is the Heart button???!! Has Firefox disabled Screenshot immortality??
  • Allow us to save permanently our screenshots AGAIN
  • Amazing feature!
  • Amazon Kindle Edition Books not working
  • Apk download for Android app
  • Can't scroll the page while taking a screenshot
  • Don't switch off the server - keep the sharing feature
  • Expand the width of Notes' sidebar
  • Firefox Notes: Reconnect to Sync Error
  • Before You Shutdown, Can We Download ALL Our Screenshots, PLEASE?
  • Folders, Colors, Tabs, Todos, Checkboxes, Sharing, Collaboration
  • No Landscape Screenshots possible!
  • Note Taking Tools
  • Note compatibilty?
  • Notes on Firefox
  • Privacy breach!
  • Problems on desktop
  • Reconnect to Sync
  • Screenshots fail
  • Straight line marking for editing the screenshots
  • The Firefox screenshots has a major bug
  • Use Notes with syncserver
  • Web developer information
  • Why Firefox Screenshots saved in jpg?
  • Notes by Firefox not available in Google Play store
  • Notes don't sync between Browser on Desktop and Android App
  • Considering to handover "Snooze Tabs" to community?
  • Is Notes open for other apps, as there are so many note apps out there
  • Request for features
  • Save (upload) Screenshots in firefox (ubuntu)
  • I got all my notes deleted when I moved to new phone
  • TEST all the way!
  • Notes keeps requiring RE-sign in (Samsung Galaxy 7)
  • [Action Required] Help first-time OSS contributors get started with Test Pilot
  • Experiment authors: please update `testpilot-metrics`
  • Test Pilot: I think it would be exciting to be apart of something so grand. My question is since I already have
  • Opera launches Neon, a new experimental desktop browser
  • Participate in an interview about your Test Pilot experience?
  • Any updates on Min Vid?
  • Contribution to Test Pilot Community
  • Experiment authors: feedback wanted
  • Feedback for giving feedback for the test-pilot
  • Firefox Add-on Test Pilot won't install
  • Grzegorz Szorc - Test Pilot installation error
  • History macros
  • Integrating Common Voice as test pilot?
  • Materials needed for upcoming Test Pilot workshop
  • Merge bookmark folders into Downloads
  • Min vid no funciona
  • New Test Pilot experiment process
  • New suggestion
  • Snoozed Tabs - Thank You!
  • Tab Center
  • Test Pilot and deprecated technologies
  • Three New Experiments Launching Now!
  • Can you restrict add-on permissions to a specific container?
  • Hello Firefox- I am looking to contribute an article
  • I miss the more detailed Test Pilot design from years ago
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