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  • 2019-07-17T07:42:15Z
  • Hi I’m having a problem the Express Web Framework tutorial. In the “Setting up a Node development environment”, we are showed how to add ESLint as a devdependencies. So we need to update package.json in the scripts part. Can you give us a concrete example, because adding “eslint src/js” is not correct. I created the directory “src/” in my myapp folder then put index.js then running npm run lint, I got the error that eslint is missing a configuration file. I cannot run eslint --init as it seems that bash does not recognize eslint even if my npm install of eslint with --save-dev worked. I really don’t know what to do. Would it be better to install ESlint generally then declare it in “devdepencies” so maybe I can at least run the ESlint --init configuration ? I’ve done the general installation with “npm install eslint -g” and the config with “eslint --init”, setting among others that I’ll be testing Javascript modules but I got this error : error ‘require’ is not defined I was testing the index.js where I had to include the http package ! I’m really lost here !
  • Hi there! Can you give me the URL of the bit of the tutorial you are stuck on?
  • Express Web Framework Tutorial : ESLint script
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