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An Entity of Type : schema:ListItem, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

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  • The "Show And Tell" category is used to share knowledge, tips, and cool projects with the community.
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  • Announcements about Airtable, usually pertaining to new features, improvements, or fixes.
  • For most use cases, Airtable is easy enough to hit the ground running right away. But if you’re interested in building out a more complicated workflow or need some help building an integration using our API, there are consultants and developers who can help!
  • Need help using and configuring Airtable? Check in with your fellow users here!
  • Need help using and configuring Airtable? Ask your fellow users here!
  • The show and tell category is used to share knowledge, tips, product suggestions, and cool projects with the community.
  • For discussion around customizing and extending the Airtable platform with our API, scripts, and third-party integrations.
  • Create custom notifications, automate redundant tasks, and orchestrate work via integrations.
  • Using Airtable Sync, you can sync records from a source base to one or more destination bases.
  • Discuss the Airtable API
  • Welcome to the Airtable Community! This is a place for Airtable users to come together and talk about Airtable: whether it’s to figure out how to implement a particular workflow, to learn some neat tips and tricks, or just to show off the interesting bases you’ve made! You can earn badges by posting, liking other people’s posts, people liking your posts, setting up your profile, and even using emoji.
  • If something is broken, preventing normal/typical use of Airtable, please email in order to get a response from Airtable as quickly as possible. Please include repro steps and screenshots, if possible.
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is topic of
is container of of
is object of
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