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  • This thread was just brought to my attention. I apologize for the delay with responding. As you know it is Christmas commerce season and we have been busy making sure our clients can process transactions safely and reliably. Let me address the primary question : Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave technology. No. We have the same relationship with Paystack as we have had with all our other clients like Simple Pay, Amplified Pay and Revova. They route transactions through us whenever expedient just like they do with Interswitch. Our public communications has been crisp and clear with respect to where we play in the ecosystem. We enable innovators building payment products to do so quickly, safely and efficiently while we handle the more complex aspects of the technology for financial institutions . We do this across multiple channels beyond card payments (which is a very small piece of our business) and we do this across several African countries seamlessly in partnership with Pan African financial institutions. For me the feedback is we could be a lot clearer about communicating what we do. We have committed to fixing this in the new year. We apologize for any offense taken and any damage caused. It was not intended. However, one has to wonder especially given this thread if this is a marketing attempt to start a fight that doesn’t really exist. If it is - it’s not a good strategy and it is destroying our ecosystem. Anyone worth their salt in this space knows we do different things so why the hostility?
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  • Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
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