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  • I hate to feel like the Paystack guys right now. It’s hard to build anything that just works, and that’s usually tens of components in the air, even at the early stage. Using Flutterwave or not, it’s wrong to communicate or perpetuate the idea that reduces the work of another company to mere “retailer” or nonsense or technology reseller. Generally, that’s nonsense and major BS. At Revova, we use Flutterwave as our ACH provider, but I’ll be mad if anyone calls us a “technology reseller”. That’ll be insulting, and very unfortunate to the work of my friends knowing ACH is just a piece of many things we need. I have personally heard variations of this, and even though I know better because I’m somewhat close to one of the companies, it gets me the wrong way. The other day at Stripe HQ, a friend was so confident it was the case. I tried correcting him but hey, I was not even up for argument at the time. This story has persisted for so long, and it is starting to seem like deliberate obfuscation of a major story. If we must say this as it is, this reduces the value of Paystack, and even from an investment perspective. Who wants to invest in a technology reseller? No company feeds another company, if it’s just of a case of customer or partner relationship. Personally, I think it’ll be important the guys at Flutterwave address this, and re-tell their narrative unless they enjoy how this story benefits them as the Lord and personal savior storyline of all fintech companies like @kananga is insisting. Or their customers. One day, someone will come here to say Uber is a reseller of Flutterwave’s technology. I don’t know if it is ignorance or it’s just a case of how one company has delivered its proposition or tell it. As far as I’m concerned, everyone is doing very important work. No one/company is greater or lesser than the other even if company A needs company B services for a piece of what it needs done. Every company is free to communicate/pursue their mission as they want, but it doesn’t necessarily mean yours is grander than mine or be communicated as that, to be very frank in the scheme of things, but I digress. Point is, Braintree is not greater than Airbnb because Airbnb processes all their bookings through them if I’m not mistaken now. These things are even quite orthogonal which makes this generally sad. I must just stop here.
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  • Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
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