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  • Dapo: Access Bank decided to re-organize/re-package PayWithCapture into two biz entities The card payment acceptance API became an independent entity (sort of) - Flutterwave. Led by Iyin. This here is exactly what I intended to say when I said “more on this later” above when referring to Flutterwave’s relationship with Access Bank, but I wasn’t sure it was in my place to say that - considering Iyin never brought this up in his Twitter sermons. However, I’m glad you did. A bulk of current Flutterwave staff were former PayWithCapture staff - they are here on Radar, and can confirm this. And if the published APIs are paid attention to, Flutterwave (at least as at launch), was PayWithCapture APIs with a new name. Screenshot 2016-12-08 01.22.30.png1816x620 68.8 KB Nobody wondered what the ever present “pwc” in the API endpoints meant?
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  • Is Paystack essentially a reseller of Flutterwave's excellent payment tech?
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