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  • Using the Looker API to generate PDFs
  • “Resources exceeded during query execution” in BigQuery because of cartesian product
  • Creating Dynamic Tiers
  • Date Comparison Block
  • Date_diff function in LookML
  • Aggregate decimal values
  • Automatically adding new users to groups
  • Does Merge Results still exist?
  • Editing Looker Documents using the API
  • Formatting text in description
  • How to create Column SubTotal in Pivot Table?
  • How to create dynamic date filter for user
  • Looker 6.22 Release Notes
  • Looker Developer - E-commerce - London
  • Moving/Editing Tiles: Too slow
  • SQL Runner Query download is empty
  • Scatter plots with metrics only on X & Y axes
  • Select 2 distinct dates on my date filter
  • Two line series on one graph?
  • Understanding custom filter
  • Deprecation Notice: Change in JSON Render Formatting (6.22+)
  • Creating hyperlinked button dimensions
  • Custom Looker Home Page - Labs Feature
  • Drill down with multiple choice
  • Extract Year from date field
  • Look & Feel Customization
  • Visualization handling more data slows down and eventually freezes - issue
  • Markdown navigation not compatible with IDE folders
  • Need to show attribution or acknowledgement for embedded Looker?
  • Show Looker: Forecast targets for any metric using Custom Calculations
  • URLs to other dashboards - applying TWO filters when linking through
  • Accessibility (Blind/Low-Vision User Focus) Hurdles with Generated Reports
  • Can we support custom visualizations on a subset of graphs?
  • --log-level options in the command line: what are they?
  • Dimension_group w/ type "time" doesn't work with datatype: datetime for BigQuery
  • Combining ID and Description Columns(State ID , State Name) for better performance during filtering or in where clause
  • Create Looker Sankey Diagram
  • End-user-defined dynamic tiers
  • Primary key change by filter
  • Symmetric aggregation value changes when i change my relationship (from many to one --> to one to many)
  • Stats table calcs: comparing rates over time (Bonus: anomaly detection!)
  • Add text to a Look
  • Error on Dashboard's Download as PDF
  • Showing product images in a dashboard
  • Custom visualizations: css, common code, hovers, & modifying existing visualizations
  • Cannot cancel queries: (conn=4401944) Unknown thread id: 3367005
  • API Paging & Limits
  • Anyone interested in a VSCode plugin?
  • Best way to handle content in a multitenant setup
  • European Webinar: The Looker API - October 17
  • Jupyter Notebooks and Looker
  • Looker API Swagger Bug
  • Office365 SMTP setup
  • Using PIVOT is looks and calling it using an API
  • SQL Syntax Error on PDT Create: ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
  • GoogleスプレッドシートからLooker APIでLookを実行してデータをダウンロードする方法
  • Looker 6.20 リリースノート
  • Looker 6.22 リリースノート
  • [Analytic Block]派生テーブルのパターン
  • 可読性の高い項目名をつける
  • Tabbed dashboard
  • Looker Map / Store Points and Sales Heat Map in one dashboard
  • Schedule Auto refresh for selective looks in a dashboard
  • Conditional Formatting based on Month/Day values
  • Calculation into dimension - workaround suggestion?
  • 'Point In Time' actions modeling
  • Adding Drilldown to my derived table
  • Data Analyst for WarnerMedia
  • Data Analyst wanted for London Gaming Studio!
  • Filter dependent on other filter
  • Generating LookML from Python with lkml
  • Joining first row of other table only
  • Key Awareness
  • Looker 6.24 Release Notes
  • Looker 7 - news and expectations
  • Looker ERD Generator
  • PrestoDB truststore for SSL with hosted Looker
  • Product Roadmap: Looker 7 is Coming!
  • Senior BI Developer - Luxury Retailer - London
  • Using a filter only field on the sql_always_where
  • [WEBINAR] How To Make Money From Your Data
  • Force looker to use raw date instead of TO_CHAR(TO_DATE(field), 'YYYY-MM-DD')
  • How to embed Looker into an IFRAME having a domain different from the domain of the embedding application
  • Looking for an amazing Looker admin for Purple Mattress
  • How would I use the new duration type in a dimension group?
  • Democratizing Data at Scale: How We Looker at Looker
  • Creating a formatted money value with a dynamic currency symbol
  • salesforceをIdPにしてSAMLでSSOする方法
  • Adding DashboardElements to a Dashboard via API
  • Automated connection setup
  • Bulk content validation through API
  • Calculating measures as an "as-at" value
  • Dashboard (Beta) Can't hide title of tile
  • Dashboard Auto Refresh once for all users
  • Error: Non-unique value/primary key error
  • HTML tag in new dashboard experience
  • Hive complex data type
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