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  • Omni Sync Server asks and asks again authentication
  • Syncing our documents via iCloud Drive and the Files app
  • NGINX/WebDAV - Client-Side Certificate Authentication
  • Another day another sync problem
  • Did I get my own dedicated server?
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  • OmniPresence: iPad Pro to/from macOS
  • Omnipresence Sync Priority
  • Omnipresence error with a particular file
  • Omnipresence not working on Catalina
  • Omnipresence release notes appear at every login
  • Server down? Unable to sync up!
  • Sync issue since upgrade to 3.9?
  • Syncing OmniPresence to nginx
  • Totally Confused on Setup Apple Server App
  • Two OmniPresence apps in Applications folder
  • WEBDAV on Synology [Fixed in DSM 5.2]
  • WEBDAV + NGINX - problem with MOVE when Basic Auth is used [Solved]
  • Idea: iOS to Mac/Mac to iOS messages/reminders via OmniPresence
  • OmniPresence WebDAV test returns "Server should not automatically assign a compressed MIME type"
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