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  • Amazing feature!
  • Can't scroll the page while taking a screenshot
  • Don't switch off the server - keep the sharing feature
  • Before You Shutdown, Can We Download ALL Our Screenshots, PLEASE?
  • Privacy breach!
  • The Firefox screenshots has a major bug
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  • Where is the Screenshot Icon located on macbook pro?
  • About the Firefox Screenshots category
  • Can I call/activate FF screenshot from javascript?
  • Cannot customize the save location?
  • Do not work on Amazon
  • FF Screenshot , PNG format , really?
  • Feature request: Timestamp
  • File names not unique on download
  • Full page screen shot isn't full page
  • Generate URL to share screenshots
  • Google Earth already fullscreen
  • How to install screenshots
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Firefox Screenshots
  • Screenshot button in Firefox Quantum?
  • Screenshots of Strava site
  • Snap to edges of adjacent elements on resize
  • Suggestion for Screenshots
  • Take a Screenshot - Filename limit
  • Where is my shot feature?
  • Why firefox screenshot is not in jpg?
  • Option to add Time, Date, URL visible on screenshot
  • Creating screenshots with own names (timestamps, domains, pathnames etc)
  • External Image
  • External Image
  • External Image
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