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An Entity of Type : schema:DiscussionForumPosting, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

  • 2017-07-11T05:30:34Z
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  • When it says markup, the wording is sort of open to any kind of interpretation imo. In many cases, yes — there are often multiple ways to solve a markup problem, some slightly better than others. Usually you can’t go that far wrong (e.g. using a section, div or article for an individual piece of writing on a page would probably be OK; using a button element wouldn’t be!) I agree the wording for article and section are a bit ambiguous, but why cant that letter be represented by an article tag? It is it not independent content? It is, yes, and you wouldn’t be wrong if you did wrap it in an article. However, I chose to not bother including a separate wrapper element, as it is the only thing on the page, so doesn’t really need further separation. lastly, for section tag. If what I am wrapping is an independent section unrelated to the main site (like a set of outbound links), it would use a div tag(s). Is the definition suggesting that the section tag only be used to represent (any) section related to the website? (or document) I’d say a section would still be fine for such a use. It would be a separate group of functionality on the page. If the links were external but related to the content of the page (e.g. further reading links), then an aside element would be appropriate.
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