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  • 2017-07-06T07:50:41Z
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  • I’d just like to add that on a page that is complex enough to need separate container elements (e.g. a website with a header, footer, multiple columns, etc.), a section element can be used to contain some markup that relates to a particular purpose or function, like: An interactive map. A set of summaries of articles related to the area of the map you’ve just selected, or perhaps a list of details about accommodation in that area. A list of geographic data about that area of the map. The article element on the other hand is used to contain repeating sets of information in a series that are all related to one another. So for example, each article summary or set of accommodation details in the example above could be wrapped in an article element. The descriptions of article and section in the HTML spec are rather confusing…also note that it is possible for an article element to contain multiple sections, as well as a section element containing multiple articles.
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