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  • 2017-07-05T14:24:01Z
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  • meaixnorth: . You need to have a break tag at the end of each of those lines like you did at the end. Also, you shouldn’t have used headers, sections, and footers for the different parts. Semantically, those are indicative of different parts of a website. Since this is just a single document, it should just be paragraph and the different list tags. You also cited the quote instead of Bill. you should have quote tags around the quote (and make sure to remove both of the quotation marks because the quote tags will add them in the browser) and cite tags around Bill’s name (you can tell by looking at the final product on the browser that y Fixed the address br tags, I must have forgotten those hehe. and fixed the citing. So section tags are not used used to denote a separate parts/topics of a composition?
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