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  • Hi everyone! I’m stuck in the Image Gallery assessment. Can anyone show me the code? It’s really annoying that they do not show the code on the page! Mozilla Developer Network Image gallery Now that we've looked at the fundamental building blocks of JavaScript, we'll test your knowledge of loops, functions, conditionals and events by getting you to build a fairly common item you'll see on a lot of websites — a JavaScript-powered image...
  • I was hoping not to self mark really this would help me get a proper unbiased assessment grade. I’m sure you understand when your working on your own as I have been it’s easy to con yourself that your work meets the grade… I agree with you. However, unfortunately we haven’t got the resources to manually assess everyone’s entries. I wish we did. However I have to say on this occasion I feel as though I’m pretty close the only real difference is that I have used an array to hold all the photo path values. But to me this is better than making up the path in the loop because you don’t have to change the code to change the photo - just substitute or add to the array, I have set the loop using the array.length property anyway. I think the rest is the same looking at what is required in the marking guide. What do you think.* * Yeah, cool, that all sounds fine. I agree that the array is a better way of doing this. In a real app, you’d probably retrieve the photos and info via some kind of JSON structure via an XHR call, or similar.
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