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An Entity of Type :, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

described by
  • duration
  • name
  • page
  • title
  • topic
  • limit
  • query
  • text
  • description
  • count
  • cursor
  • id
  • profile
  • file
  • user
  • email
  • time
  • oldest
  • users
  • channel
  • view
  • error
  • attachments
  • channel_id
  • channel_ids
  • channels
  • crop_y
  • discoverability
  • exclude_archived
  • external_display_id
  • external_id
  • file_comment
  • filetype
  • include_disabled
  • include_locale
  • include_num_members
  • inputs
  • invite_request_id
  • is_private
  • latest
  • leaving_team_ids
  • mobile_only
  • outputs
  • prefs
  • purpose
  • redirect_uri
  • request_id
  • session_id
  • team_id
  • team_ids
  • team_name
  • timestamp
  • to_old
  • trigger_id
  • ts
  • ts_from
  • ts_to
  • user_id
  • usergroup
  • Value of the `next_cursor` field sent as part of the previous api response
  • Set to `true` to exclude archived channels from the list
  • Set `cursor` to `next_cursor` returned by the previous call to list items in the next page.
  • A JSON-based array of structured attachments, presented as a URL-encoded string.
  • Value of the `next_cursor` field sent as part of the previous API response
  • Filter files created after this timestamp (inclusive).
  • The maximum number of items to return. Must be between 1 - 1000 both inclusive.
  • The list of users to add as participants in the Call. [Read more on how to specify users here](/apis/calls#users).
  • When this reminder should happen: the Unix timestamp (up to five years from now), the number of seconds until the reminder (if within 24 hours), or a natural language description (Ex. "in 15 minutes," or "every Thursday")
  • Start of time range of messages to include in results.
  • A UNIX timestamp of the latest value in the time range
  • The new topic string. Does not support formatting or linkification.
  • An optional, human-readable ID supplied by the 3rd-party Call provider. If supplied, this ID will be displayed in the Call object.
  • Collection of key:value pairs presented as a URL-encoded JSON hash. At most 50 fields may be set. Each field name is limited to 255 characters.
  • Paginate through collections of data by setting the `cursor` parameter to a `next_cursor` attribute returned by a previous request's `response_metadata`. Default value fetches the first "page" of the collection. See [pagination](/docs/pagination) for more detail.
  • How this field works and whether it is required depends on other fields you use in your API call. [See below](#text_usage) for more detail.
  • Set this to `true` to receive the locale for users. Defaults to `false`
  • A [file type](/types/file#file_types) identifier.
  • A new, specialer purpose
  • A short description of the User Group.
  • The team to be removed from the channel. Currently only a single team id can be specified.
  • Call duration in seconds
  • Channel containing the message to be deleted.
  • Comma-separated string of channel IDs
  • Create a private channel instead of a public one
  • A JSON-based object with a `message` property that should contain a human readable error message.
  • A JSON key-value map of inputs required from a user during configuration. This is the data your app expects to receive when the workflow step starts. **Please note**: the embedded variable format is set and replaced by the workflow system. You cannot create custom variables that will be replaced at runtime. [Read more about variables in workflow steps here](/workflows/steps#variables).
  • Exchange a trigger to post to the user.
  • A comma separated list of user IDs. Up to 1000 users may be listed.
  • File comment to get reactions for.
  • File to add star to.
  • File to remove reaction from.
  • File to remove star from.
  • Unique identifier of message you want marked as most recently seen in this conversation.
  • ID of the request to invite.
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