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  • SBC / BO&C (Netherlands)
  • The¬†Standaard Beroepenclassificatie (SBC) is the Dutch standard occupation classification. It is available in two versions, SBC 1992 and SBC 2010. It has its own structure, but a mapping to ISCO-08 is available. In difference to ISCO-08, it has an additional level and operationalised the criterion of skill specialisation explicitly into a list of 87 fields of skill specialisation. Next to these criteria it uses 128 task clusters in order to be able to further differentiate between job titles with similar level and skill specialisation. It was adopted in 1992, but isnce 2012, ISCO-08 has been¬†used for statistical purposes in the Netherlands. In 2014, the Netherlands issued their own statistical classification system based on ISCO-08, BRC 2014. Additionally, there exists a database for occupations and education Beroeps- en Opleidingsgegevens or Beroepen, Opleidingen & Competencie BO&C.
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