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  • Mechanical Turk
  • Mechanical Turk, or The Turk is the colloquial name for an automaton chess player that was constructed in 1769 by Wolfgang von Kempelen, an Austro-Hungarian court official and mechanic. To spectators the machine gave the impression that it was playing chess on its own. In fact, there was a relatively talented human chess player hiding inside to operate the machine. Copies of the machine were used in various presentations and exhibitions until 1929, when the hoax was discovered. In German, the phrase of etwas türken (‘faking something’) has remained in use up to the present day. Today, the so-called Mechanical Turk method is being used for projects that are much more complicated to program or solve for a computer than for humans. At, this method substitutes machine learning in areas where the latter is insufficient by our standards, as it would be too imprecise, too flawed or too slow. By means of human labor—so-called Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs)—those tasks that a computer cannot solve at all or only with disproportionately high efforts are performed much more precisely and faster. At JANZZ, such human experts include linguists, professional and educational experts, experienced specialists from domains such as medicine, engineering, IT, banking and finance, trade, as well as people knowledgeable of JANZZon!’s languages, industries and occupations. This approach ensures the unmatched semantic quality of JANZZon! and the applications based on it.
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