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An Entity of Type :, within Data Space : associated with source document(s)

described by
  • users
  • blocks
  • is_ultra_restricted
  • mrkdwn
  • parse
  • ts
  • Timestamp of the message to be updated.
  • The list of users to register as participants in the Call. [Read more on how to specify users here](/apis/calls#users).
  • Change how messages are treated. Defaults to `none`. See [below](#formatting).
  • Is this user a single channel guest user? (default: false)
  • A JSON-based array of structured blocks, presented as a URL-encoded string.
  • Disable Slack markup parsing by setting to `false`. Enabled by default.
  • formData
  • 1
is topic of
is object of
is subject of
is schema:parameters of
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