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  • Research Engineer ? Knowledge Graphs

    Edinburgh, UK

    Our client is currently building an R&D team in Edinburgh, and they are looking for Research engineers in Compilers and Programing languages.


    They are hiring at multiple levels, and able to consider candidates from 1-2 years? experience upwards.


    You would be working on R&D in Automatic Knowledge Acquisition & Reasoning, building customized knowledge graphs, and working with NLU, Semantic Search, Dialog Systems etc.


    You would develop prototypes for next-gen knowledge-based programming languages and reasoning engines.



    • PHD in the field of Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web, NLP, Machine Learning, Ontology Reasoning, Information Retrievel, or related.?
    • 2+ Years? Experience in the firleds of Semantic Web, NLP or Knowledge Graph / respresentation.?
    • Excellent software design and coding skills, and with tensorflow / pytorch?
    • Strong Publication Record in academic journals / conferences
    • Good knowledge of reinforcement learning and deep learning



    For full details, to arrange an application or to answer any questions, I can also be contacted at

    By applying to this role you understand that we may collect your personal data and store and process it on our systems. For more information please see our Privacy Notice

    Keywords://? knowledge, graph, representation, NLP, semantic, ISWC, ESWC, ACL, NIPS, EMNLP, AAAI, KR, WSDM, research, edinburgh

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