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A location is a point or area of interest from which a particular product or service is available, e.g. a store, a bus stop, a gas station, or a ticket booth. The difference to gr:BusinessEntity is that the gr:BusinessEntity is the legal entity (e.g. a person or corporation) making the offer, while gr:Location is the store, office, or place. A chain restaurant will e.g. have one legal entity but multiple restaurant locations. Locations are characterized by an address or geographical position and a set of opening hour specifications for various days of the week. Example: A rental car company may offer the Business Function Lease Out of cars from two locations, one in Fort Myers, Florida, and one in Boston, Massachussetts. Both stations are open 7:00 - 23:00 Mondays through Saturdays. Note: Typical address standards (vcard) and location data (geo, WGC84) should be attached to a gr:Location node. Since there already exist established vocabularies for this, the GoodRelations ontology does not provide respective attributes. Instead, the use of respective vocabularies is recommended. However, the gr:hasGlobalLocationNumber property is provided for linking to public identifiers for business locations. Compatibility with This class is equivalent to

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