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About: LocationOfSalesOrServiceProvisioning


an Entity references as follows:

A Location of Sales or Service Provisioning is a location from which the specified Business Function on the particular Product or Service Instance is being offered by the Business Entity. Large enterprises often maintain multiple branches from which the delivery or fulfilment can be provided. In this case, the location of the main office of the Business Entity does not state from where a customer can actually get the Offering. In the case of a chain store, it may be all of the actual shops. For mail order companies, the location will usually be the headquarter of the Business Entity. Locations of Sales or Service Provisioning are characterized by an address or geographical position and a set of opening hour specifications for various days of the week. Example: A rental car company may offer the Business Function Lease Out of cars from two locations, one in Fort Myers, Florida, and one in Boston, Massachussetts. Both stations are open 7:00 - 23:00 Mondays through Saturdays. Note: Typical address standards (vcard) and location data should be attached to a Location of Sales or Service Provisioning. Since there already exist established vocabularies for this, the GoodRelations ontology does not provide respective attributes. Instead, the use of respective vocabularies is recommended. However, the hasGlobalLocationNumber property is provided for linking to respective identifiers for business locations.

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