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an Entity references as follows:

The superclass of all classes describing products or services types, either by nature or purpose. Examples for such subclasses are "TV set", "vacuum cleaner", etc. An instance of this class can be either an actual product or service or a placeholder instance for unknown instances of a mass-produced commodity. Since eClassOWL and other large products and services ontologies are used for both describing product and services instances and product and service makes and models, this top-level concept is the union of (1) Actual Product or Service Instances, (2) Product or Service Models, and (3) ProductOrServiceSomeInstances Placeholders. The latter are "dummy" instances representing anonymous products or services instances (i.e., such that are said to exist but not actually being exposed on the Web). See the GoodRelations Technical Report for more details on this. Examples: a) MyCellphone123, i.e. my personal, tangible cell phone b) Siemens1234, i.e. the Siemens cell phone make and model 1234 c) dummyCellPhone123 as a placeholder for actual instances of a certain kind of cell phones.

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