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About: WarrantyPromise


an Entity references as follows:

This is a conceptual entity that holds together all aspects of the n-ary relation hasWarrantyPromise. A Warranty Promise is an entity representing the duration and scope of services that will be provided to a customer free of charge in case of a defect or malfunction of the Product or Service Instance. A Warranty Promise is characterized by its temporal duration (usually starting with the date of purchase) and its Warranty Scope. The Warranty Scope represents the types of services provided (e.g. labor and parts, just parts) of the warranty included in an Offering. The actual services may be provided by the Business Entity making the Offering, by the manufacturer of the Product, or by a third party. There may be multiple Warranty Promises associated with a particular Offering, which differ in duration and scope (e.g. pick-up service during the first 12 months, just parts and labor for 36 months). Examples: 12 months parts and labor, 36 months parts

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