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Jimmy Adams
n19:Kent_County_Cricket_Club_in_2015 n20:Q20712033 n21:xs8b dbpedia:Kent_County_Cricket_Club_in_2015
In 2015, Kent County Cricket Club competed in Division Two of the County Championship, Group B of the 50-over Royal London One-Day Cup and the South Group of the NatWest t20 Blast. The team reached the quarter-finals of both one day competitions but struggled in the County Championship, finishing seventh in Division Two. The season was the fourth in charge for head coach Jimmy Adams. The club captain was former England batsmen Rob Key, although Sam Northeast took over the on-field captaincy in May after Key, having dropped himself due to poor form, chose to relinquish the captaincy to concentrate on his batting. Northeast replaced Key as the club captain for the 2016 season. Two players from the Kent squad made senior international appearances for England in 2015. James Tredwell was a part of the World Cup squad, but only featured in the final group stage match against Afghanistan after both sides had already been eliminated from the tournament. He then played in the first Test against the West Indies in Antigua (only his second Test, having made his debut in 2010). Tredwell took 5 wickets in the match but did not play in the remainder of the series, and with England turning to several younger players after the disappointing World Cup, he was not selected during the English summer. One of the new faces in the England team over the summer was Kent keeper Sam Billings who played as a specialist batsmen in all 5 ODI matches against Australia and the single T20I matches against both Australia and New Zealand. Matt Coles won the club's Player of the Year award, taking 100 wickets across all formats in the first season of his second spell at the county.
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In 2015, Kent County Cricket Club competed in Division Two of the County Championship, Group B of the 50-over Royal London One-Day Cup and the South Group of the NatWest t20 Blast. The team reached the quarter-finals of both one day competitions but struggled in the County Championship, finishing seventh in Division Two. Matt Coles won the club's Player of the Year award, taking 100 wickets across all formats in the first season of his second spell at the county.
Kent County Cricket Club in 2015
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90 236 233 231 224 227 205 207 193 185 187 183 177 178 179 172 173 174 170 166 156 157 154 155 151 142 136 137 340 335 321 317 273 260 258
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Points: Gloucestershire 3, Kent 20 Points: Glamorgan 4, Kent 22 Points: Essex 19, Kent 3 Points: Derbyshire 10, Kent 8 Points: Warwickshire 1, Kent 1 Points: Surrey 22, Kent 6 Match did not have first-class status Points: Somerset 0, Kent 2 Points: Northamptonshire 20, Kent 3 Points: Leicestershire 3, Kent 20 Points: Kent 5, Surrey 21 Points: Kent 4, Derbyshire 19 Points: Kent 24, Essex 3 Points: Kent 2, Surrey 0 Points: Kent 2, Hampshire 0 Points: Kent 12, Lancashire 8 Points: Kent 10, Leicestershire 12 Points: Kent 0, Lancashire 2 Points: Kent 0, Gloucestershire 2 Points: Hampshire 0, Kent 2 Points: Gloucestershire 0, Kent 2 Points: Glamorgan 2, Kent 0 Points: Essex 1, Kent 1 MT Coles and MD Hunn set a Kent List A record for the 10th wicket, scoring 64 runs Surrey progressed Points: Sussex 0, Kent 2 Points: Surrey 0, Kent 2 Points: Nottinghamshire 0, Kent 2 Points: Middlesex 2, Kent 0 Points: Lancashire 23, Kent 4 Points: Kent 5, Gloucestershire 5 Points: Kent 3, Northamptonshire 23 Points: Kent 2, Sussex 0 Lancashire progressed due to losing fewer wickets Points: Kent 2, Somerset 0 Points: Kent 2, Essex 0 Points: Kent 12, Glamorgan 10 Points: Kent 1, Essex 1 Points: Kent 0, Hampshire 2 Points: Kent 0, Glamorgan 2
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Sam Northeast Robert Key
dbpedia:2015_NatWest_t20_Blast dbpedia:2015_County_Championship dbpedia:2015_Royal_London_One-Day_Cup
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Match reduced to 18 overs per side before play began due to rain Rain reduced the Kent innings to 40 overs with a target of 251 to win No play on days 2, 3 or 4 due to rain and a wet outfield Rain ended play at Tea on Day 4 Rain stopped play after 42.2 overs of the Glamorgan innings. No overs were lost.
MR Marsh 101 HJH Marshall 83 RWT Key 89 SA Northeast 36 SA Northeast 77 AG Prince 106 DI Stevens 100 JL Denly 161* JL Denly 39 BA Godleman 105* BA Raine 41* DI Stevens 50 PJ Horton 67* DJ Bell-Drummond 134 DJ Bell-Drummond 123 DJ Bell-Drummond 45 SW Billings 99 PSP Handscomb 69 MJ Cosgrove 113 GR Napier 35* RWT Key 94 SA Northeast 139 CJ McKay 43 SA Northeast 33 SA Northeast 85 SE Marsh 114 JL Denly 50 BA Godleman 108 JL Denly 66 SR Dickson 31* SW Billings 43 EJH Eckersley 41 T Westley 77
GG Wagg 58 WD Bragg 104 GR Napier 57 RWT Key 29 CF Hughes 94 RI Newton 27 SA Northeast 55 DA Cosker 69 NR Kumar 119 JJ Roy 60* SJ Croft 72* JL Denly 60 JS Foster 80* BT Foakes 57* WJ Durston 35 MT Coles 66 RWT Key 87 RI Keogh 68 SA Northeast 76 JL Denly 117* JL Denly 37* SJ Croft 85 SM Davies 45 JL Denly 87 DI Stevens 63 KC Sangakkara 110 DJ Bell-Drummond 103 BM Duckett 145 DJ Bell-Drummond 127 BW Harmison 123 CA Ingram 105*
691200.0 345600.0 112 123 99 107 67 253 234 208 196 193 204 205 166 167 163 151 159 140 357 336 327 309 282 260 444 604800.0 172800.0 386
691200.0 86 74 46 246 243 252 231 237 235 232 210 196 193 207 164 159 128 311 309 294 295 292 273 280 281 258 259 268 777600.0 398
Kent won the toss and elected to bat Lancashire won the toss and elected to field Glamorgan won the toss and elected to bat Hampshire won the toss and elected to bat Middlesex won the toss and elected to bat Essex won the toss and elected to field Surrey won the toss and elected to field Kent won the toss and elected to field Lancashire won the toss and elected to bat Glamorgan won the toss and elected to field Gloucestershire won the toss and elected to field No toss Northamptonshire won the toss and elected to field Somerset won the toss and elected to field Essex won the toss and elected to bat Surrey won the toss and elected to bat
TM Curran 3/64 GG Wagg 1/89 IAA Thomas 2/68 MT Coles 6/55 IAA Thomas 4/53 DA Payne 1/22 AEN Riley 3/114 SG Whittingham 2/63 OP Stone 4/59 SM Curran 5/101 MD Hunn 3/45 BW Sanderson 4/44 MG Hogan 4/51 MG Hogan 5/71 ZS Ansari 4/58 WA White 6/25 GJ Batty 4/12 MT Coles 3/49 MT Coles 4/43 IAA Thomas 4/48 J Clark 3/87 CJ Haggett 4/43 DD Masters 4/45 JD Ryder 5/43 SG Whittingham 4/86 Azharullah 5/31 DI Stevens 4/37 OP Stone 5/44 MD Hunn 5/99 DI Stevens 5/88 ME Claydon 1/30 ME Claydon 4/103 MG Hogan 4/65 MHA Footitt 5/45
LC Norwell 4/44 MT Coles 4/83 IAA Thomas 3/59 CJ Haggett 4/61 CJ McKay 6/54 JC Tredwell 3/59 OH Freckingham 3/32 DI Stevens 4/48 SPD Smith 3/54 DI Stevens 5/58 KM Jarvis 4/67 ME Claydon 3/55 CE Shreck 4/75 MHA Footitt 4/61 MT Coles 2/75 MT Coles 3/75 RS Bopara 3/89 MT Coles 5/24 IAA Thomas 1/8 IAA Thomas 3/40 JC Tredwell 1/17 CN Miles 1/49 JC Tredwell 3/61 AEN Riley 4/47 DI Stevens 3/29 DI Stevens 4/47 DI Stevens 4/76 BA Raine 2/34 KM Jarvis 4/50 MG Johnson 4/56 MHA Footitt 2/64
dbpedia:County_Cricket_Ground,_Beckenham dbpedia:Beckenham dbpedia:St_Lawrence_Ground dbpedia:Canterbury dbpedia:Royal_Tunbridge_Wells dbpedia:Nevill_Ground
Kent won by 54 runs Kent won by 22 runs Surrey won by 6 wickets Kent won by 8 wickets Kent won by 316 runs Kent won by 7 runs No result Glamorgan won by 1 run Gloucestershire won by 9 wickets Lancashire won by 9 wickets Northamptonshire won by an innings and 23 runs Match tied Surrey won by 17 runs Essex won by 5 wickets Middlesex won by 87 runs Surrey beat Kent by 3 wickets Kent won by 23 runs Kent won by 5 wickets Kent won by 7 wickets Kent won by 3 wickets Kent won by 6 wickets Northamptonshire won by 8 wickets Glamorgan won by 3 wickets Kent won by an innings and 207 runs Hampshire won by 6 wickets Lancashire won by 51 runs Australians won by 255 runs Derbyshire won by 8 wickets Match drawn Middlesex won by 115 runs Kent won by 3 runs
J Overton 31 MW Machan 39 SW Billings 68 CD Nash 61 PR Stirling 90 DJ Bell-Drummond 80* DJ Bell-Drummond 55* AJ Blake 89 SA Northeast 96 DJ Bell-Drummond 31 AJ Blake 59* AG Prince 62 SA Northeast 54 JWA Taylor 109 JM Vince 99* M Klinger 75 JJ Roy 112 DI Stevens 110 NRT Gubbins 56 CH Gayle 151* LS Livingstone 91 GG Wagg 53* MT Coles 100* GC Wilson 55 ML Pettini 56 SW Billings 46 SW Billings 118* CA Ingram 109 EC Joyce 36 AJ Blake 71* SA Northeast 90 DJ Bell-Drummond 77 AJ Blake 52* JM Vince 66 DI Stevens 90 JL Denly 70 SA Northeast 20 SA Northeast 114 MC Henriques 63 MA Carberry 61 M Klinger 69* JC Tredwell 31*
RJ Bailey and RT Robinson RJ Bailey and JW Lloyds MJD Bodenham and NGB Cook MJD Bodenham and AG Wharf BJ Debenham and NJ Llong PK Baldwin and NA Mallender PK Baldwin and DJ Millns PJ Hartley and DJ Millns PJ Hartley and SJ O'Shaughnessy RJ Bailey and BV Taylor MA Gough and PJ Hartley MA Gough and MJ Saggers SA Garratt and NA Mallender NL Bainton and NJ Llong JH Evans and JW Lloyds NL Bainton and MJD Bodenham RJ Evans and RA Kettleborough NGB Cook and SA Garratt RJ Evans and DJ Millns NGB Cook and MA Gough RJ Bailey and NGB Cook RJ Bailey and GD Lloyd M Burns and JH Evans MJD Bodenham and BJ Debenham BJ Debenham and SA Garratt BJ Debenham and MA Gough DJ Millns and SJ O'Shaughnessy PK Baldwin and RK Illingworth SC Gale and NA Mallender PK Baldwin and JW Lloyds PJ Hartley and PR Pollard PJ Hartley and AG Wharf SA Garratt and AG Wharf MA Gough and NA Mallender JH Evans and RT Robinson NL Bainton and NGC Cowley RJ Evans and SJ O'Shaughnessy NL Bainton and GD Lloyd RJ Evans and JW Lloyds NGB Cook and PR Pollard
CN Miles 3/27 JC Tredwell 2/24 TK Curran 3/22 MT Coles 4/34 MT Coles 3/53 CJ Haggett 2/12 MT Coles 3/22 WR Smith 3/24 GR Napier 1/17 MT Coles 2/44 MT Coles 2/28 FK Cowdrey 3/32 FH Edwards 2/41 BAC Howell 3/18 MG Hogan 3/40 SD Parry 3/31 ME Claydon 3/40 ME Claydon 2/29 AC Thomas 3/46 MD Hunn 3/30 OP Rayner 4/45 OE Robinson 3/35 DA Griffiths 2/36 DA Cosker 2/50 JC Tredwell 3/47 TK Curran 3/31 TE Linley 4/45 MT Coles 2/36 FH Edwards 3/47 BA Hutton 3/72 MH Yardy 1/25 SD Parry 3/60 ME Claydon 4/66 AC Thomas 3/28 ME Claydon 3/27 ME Claydon 2/23 ME Claydon 1/21 DI Stevens 4/39 OE Robinson 2/22 DI Stevens 4/29 DI Stevens 2/44 JEC Franklin 5/21